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Motherhood is a wondrous and challenging journey that will transform you from the inside and out. This life-changing transformation demands a lot of physical and emotional energy, which can be overwhelming and draining. After giving birth, it is common to experience postpartum pain, stress, anxiety, and even depression. It may feel as if you have no control over your life.

At Body to Soul, we encourage moms to take good care of themselves. As the saying goes, “you cannot fully love and nurture another if you are not loving and nurturing yourself.” Happy moms raise happy children. You need to care for yourself first. That’s where we come in. Our services will pamper and empower you so you can be the best mom possible.

The core of Body to Soul treatments focus on reconnecting and rejuvenating your body and soul from the inside out. We provide in-home treatments for every mom from prenatal and postnatal to menopause. Our services are done with natural healing processes through aromatherapy and Chakra energy balancing in a deep relaxation massage technique.

We strongly believe in the healing benefits of Chakra Energy Balancing. This ancient and proven healing method has been used for thousands of years by one of the oldest medical sciences, known as Ayurveda Medicine. All of our treatments focus on balancing Chakra Energy with a custom blend of aromatherapy essential oil. Through this method, we aid the body to get back to its center, its root, and to experience a sense of holistic wellness.

About Us: About Us

Founder of Body to Soul hk


Tinker H. Morarjee

Tinker Morarjee, the founder of Body to Soul has over 19 years of experience in the women care industry. She is a highly-trained expert with vast experience in beauty and body treatment in both Asia and Europe. Her professional expertise includes recognition as a Postpartum Belly Binding Specialist by Training Qualifications UK, Aromatherapist by International Federation of Aromatherapists, and Chakra Healing Practitioner by International Association of Therapists. 
Tinker is also a breastfeeding mom who went through all the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth, enabling her to understand what mothers go through physically, mentally, and emotionally, and the kind of care they need.

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