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Bengkung Belly Binding

After your new little life is here, it can be easy to forget about the healing mother. During pregnancy and childbirth the hips open, the abdominal muscles separate, the uterus grows, the skin stretches, and the cervix dilates. This is a normal part of childbearing but requires some healing time.
BengKung Belly Wrap can help support your healing muscles, warm your shrinking uterus, and close your pelvic floor.

What is BengKung Belly Wrap?
BengKung Belly Wrap is an ancient technique consisting of binding a postpartum woman’s abdomen to promote recovery and provide comfort and support to her healing womb. Made from 100% cotton fabric, the bind is wrapped snuggly from just below the woman’s chest to below her hips. This provides support to her abdominal wall and muscles, improves posture, supports loose ligaments and hips, and assists her organs to return to their pre-pregnancy positions.

BengKung benefits?
<Pelvic Floor Support>
During childbirth, the cervix opens approximately 10cm. Steady pressure on the hips helps the cervix and pelvic floor close and return to it’s pre-pregnancy size.
<Back Support>
Lower back pain is a common complaint of new mothers, largely due to weak abdominal muscles and poor posture. Belly Binding is a great antidote to both of these causes.
<Diastasis Recti>
During pregnancy, the two large bands of abdominal muscles can expand and separate. Separation usually lessens a few months postpartum, but can last for longer periods depending on the severity.
Belly Binding helps to tone the abdominal muscles by keeping the muscles in the proper places during healing and providing pressure to close the abdominal muscles.
<Uterus support>
It helps contract and shrink to pregnancy size a little quicker.

When you can start?
<Vaginal Delivery>
Usually 4-6weeks after delivery and you’re cleared by your primary care provider, also after the Lochia has stopped flowing.
<Cesarean Delivery>
Typically 8-10weeks after you’re cleared by your primary care provider, usually after your incision site has healed and any stitches removed. Also after the Lochia has stopped flowing.
You can absolutely bind after a pregnancy/baby loss. This can help with your physical as well as emotional healing.
What if you’re already 6 months postpartum? 1 year? It’s not too late! Bind anytime for additional support!

Bengkung Belly Binding: About Us
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