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Postpartum All-In-One Care

Our ethos is different from the usual belly binding services in the market, which only focuses on correcting the physical body shape.

Body, Mind and Soul postnatal care treatment from Body to Soul hk includes a full body lymphatic drainage massage, postpartum abdominal massage, Bengkung belly binding, and pelvis recovery care to provide a deep relaxation postpartum recovery in 1.5 hrs for 10 days consecutively.

Bengkung Belly Binding:

This ancient belly wrap technique can help support and heal your muscles, warm your shrinking uterus, and close your pelvic floor.

Pelvis Recover Care:

With our unique massage technique focus on the pelvis area that helps the recovery of the pelvic floor, pubic symphysis, relieve shoulder, neck, waist and lower back pain.

Postpartum Abdominal Massage:

We design our massage techniques for each mother's individual needs which can help with diastasis recti recovery, reduce gas , intestinal peristalsis, uterine recovery and assists organs to return to the pre-pregnancy positions.

Deep Relaxation Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

With our unique blend of aromatherapy based on each mother's physical and mental needs that help to relieve stress, insomnia, tighten skin, detoxification, reducing water retention and boosting the energy levels.

Postpartum All-In-One Care: About Us
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