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Postnatal Massage

Giving birth to a child is a blessing. However, any new mother will also agree that it is one of the most difficult phases of their life. After the process, your body will need some extra love and care, such as a postnatal massage.

The enormous changes that the body experiences through pregnancy, labor, and post-delivery cause pain and immense stress. Healing massages are what every new mother needs during this period to help speed up recovery. Postpartum massages are known to strengthen the body’s muscles and tissues that were altered during pregnancy and delivery.

Body to Soul Postnatal massages are offered in various massage styles such as acupressure, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, and the traditional Southeast Asian massage known as Jamu.

Depending on the mother’s preference, our massages are customized to suit individual needs with Chakra aromatherapy which will awaken your senses while giving your body the pampering it needs and helps in muscle relaxation, hormone regulation, swelling reduction, and improved lactation.

The benefits of a massage are best for one month after natural birth, and two months after a C-section, three times a week.

Postnatal Massage: About Us
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