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"I gave birth to my second child five months ago and this is my second belly binding experience. Compares to my first belly binding experience with the other company, I truly enjoyed my 10 days treatment with Body to Soul. The treatment was very relaxing that definitely helped with my baby blue and the result was very effective! My muscle separation gap has tightened from 2.5 fingers down to 0.5 finger and it helped to heal my pelvis tilt as well. With all the service that included in the treatment, this is a very valuable belly binding treatment in the market.”

Flora Zhang

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"Am 28 weeks pregnant now and was in dire need of a prenatal massage. Tinker came to save the day (and my lower back). Massage was done in the comfort in my home, and could never been more happy. I highly recommend Body to Soul and looking forward to my next session.”

Chien W.

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"I had a wonderful experience with Tinker and highly recommend the massage experience with Body to Soul.Communication was easy and clear from the beginning and Tinker came right on time to set up for my postnatal massage. She thought of everything from a protective layer for the bed from the massage oils, to a lavender eye pillow and warming cushion during the massage, it felt like a real treat at a spa! I explained my most problematic areas and she focused on these much to my relief. I have already recommended her to my friends and hope to book another session again soon :)”

Ashley Lendrum

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"I was not sure about belly binding before as it seemed hard to have something wrapped around my belly while looking after a new born but I would say it totally worth it! The treatment was very enjoyable that I looked forward to the massage every night and my belly pouch is smaller and tighter after 10 days treatment. I love the special blended aromatherapy oil too, it definitely help me to unwind and it was a big relief that my breastmilk supply has increased.”


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"I started with Tinker wanting to lose inches on my tummy and not only was my tummy tighter it also seemed smoother. The massage is much gentler than what I am used to but I found that Tinkers hands combined with the infused crystals personalized for me really relaxes me on a deeper level! Her energy, her communication and her professionalism is always fantastic! She not only works on me, but my kids as well. They love her and I cannot recommend her enough!!!"


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Lucy Wong

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" I am very happy with the result of my 10 days belly binding treatment, my muscle separation is now down to 0.5cm from 2.5cm and my belly size reduced 12cm in total. The treatment was very enjoyable that made me feel like I was in a spa.
I highly recommend this treatment to every mom who just gave birth as we all deserve some ME times to take good care of our body and mind."

Katy Chiu

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"Tinker is very thoughtful and caring, I am glad to have her for my 10 days postpartum treatment. She is knowledgeable and experienced, I didn't expect my waistline could reduce 10cm after the treatment! The massage was probably the best I have ever had. Thank you!


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"生完最大嘅願望係可以回復之前身形,我每日都要陪個仔訓覺,次次都打側訓攪到高低盆骨,抱得阿仔多又有盆骨前傾,成日腰酸背痛!Body to Soul 手勢好好,幫我淋巴按摩後做海鹽熱敷真係好窩心,成個療程好relax好舒服,而家最開心係紮完肚仲瘦過之前!"

Sindy Lam

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 days treatment with Body to Soul. Tinker was very professional and caring, she made sure I am comfortable after each treatment and always messaged me afterward to see how I am doing with the abdominal binding. Her massages were excellent and I was able to relax during that time. I highly recommend her service to all mummies and it is important to remind us that we need to be good and treat ourselves! Thank you very much!"


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"I just finished my 10 days Postpartum treatment and I highly recommend to all the mom who just gave birth as the treatment was very relaxing, my lower back pain has gone and the most important is I can fit in my old jeans!"

Pinky Hung
Hair stylist

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“最初以為紮肚過程會好辛苦,但經過今次Body to Soul 的紮肚經驗發現原來係一個享受!療程的按摩幫助產後內臟復位,感覺好舒服,紮肚師亦好細心照顧我開刀傷口,紮肚時會避開痛處,期待第二胎時再搵返Body to Soul紮肚“

Vivian Lau
Full-time mom

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